Non-profit Hedgehog Rescue

We are a registered charity and self funded Hedgehog Rescue in Terrington St.Clement, Norfolk.

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Hedgehog Rescue

At Emma’s Hedgehog Hotel we work towards the goal of removing hedgehogs from the vulnerable to extinction list through Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.

The rescue cares for the hedgehogs until they are fully recovered, before passing onto fully trained fosterers. Once the hedgehog is well and has reached the required minimum weight for the time of year, it is then released back into the wild where originally found or a release site is suitably matched to each individual hedgehog. The whole process can take many weeks and is tailored to each hedgehogs specific needs.

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Emma’s Hedgehog Hotel

We are a self funded Hedgehog Rescue in Terrington St.Clement, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.
Please call first and speak to Emma or a member of the team before coming to the centre.

07847 464904

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Registered Charity no 1197437